Do Do Do

An art education that creates an enviroment that constant questions its’ surroundings and its belonging. Including disobediance and digging up roots.


As an artist, I don`t want to be limited. Neither by thought/concept/form or physical/mental abilities. Therefore, I wish for my education to provide me with tools that makes me know what I want, and makes me able to do just that. Challenge=growth? I am curious of what my instrument (which is myself and all the things around me) can do. (dear school, please help me figure out). Bottom line is, I want more of everything.


The Education in Arts should begin much earlier. I should be prioritated much higher already in the school system.

An Open Laboratory

“A performing arts school should be a laboratory where one can practise ideas and concepts within a given theory.

It should be open to society and have the ability to communicate to all social levels.”

Meleat, Povilas & Sebastian


Be aware that you are always choosing.

The main goal should not be placing a specific estethic or practice on the student but to make the student aware of the choices her or him make. How their work places itself in soceity, not only in relation to other artists work or the hers or his own previous work. Maybe a way to do this is throwing constantly question and then try to find answer to why the choices that where made where chosen.

A Collaborative Creative Platform

The education of arts should be a collaborative creative platform. We should put together dance, music, architecture etc. to open up the “limits” and “frames” of the arts.

I want inspiration from other creative worlds already when I start my education in the arts. I want to feel the passion of other artists already when I start my education in the arts. I want to feel the drive, do the networking and create collaborative processes already when I start my aducation in the arts!


Make cleaver artists not robots

Always talk, discuss, analyse the work done by the students among the students and teachers/artists

Teach technique in order to expand the dancers/artists possibilities

Continue to discuss how the education should be




Be curious to what is going on in the world

Let you inspire by other fields: philosophy, sience, politics, history etc…

the autonomous creator


The autonomus creator…. is the goal

transgressing borders…between diciplines…between art and society

The open mind  –  the critical mind      (danes in general are very bad in the dicipline of critism (including artists)…The educational system should make an effort to strengthen this aspect)


How to unfold the specific individual talent?

How to detect the weaknesses and give tools to turn them into strenghts?


Local  –  global

The stage is anywhere anytime

Community work

Conventions to be detected and questioned

An art school should never claim to be more than just one among many stepping stones on the way of becomming an artists……


– Between different artforms.
– With the ouside world –> preparation for “the real world”


SAFE PLACE –> you are free to try out everything –> exploration!
– Accept everyone!
– More discussions about art in general and art in the world
– Space for the individual and the group.