Art as self/world opener

Art is a beautiful and maybe the strongest way to connect people from different cultures, where we are more equal, just people, sharing, expressing. I believe expression is a basic human need. Hence art can make the world more /completely! open free, borderless, shared, creative, beautiful, accepted, compassionate and so on… So art education should focus on educating the people/students/artists themselves to be open, free, borderless, sharing, creative, connected… so on!



q: after paolas indlæg.

how can we include in education, artseducation. The courrage to be slow?

Pis og papir

An art school should be a place where you can shit on the floor and eat it afterwards! Please cancel all vacations, we want to be in shcool 365 days a year. Time is an illusion. Please shut out the world, we want to be ourselves with our own incredible and amazing artistic ideas. Actually we wanted to study law, but we did’nt get in. LOL!


Appreciate the diversity of knowledge (personal, political, cultural, scientifical, academical, ….) and include and encourage everybody to express themselves through their own definition of life. This could be done through an education where peolple feel safe, but challenged, believing in themselves, but also being inspired by others.

To develop the art we need to go out of the comfort zone and PLAY with given circumstances.

The Future School of Performing Arts

– conncted to community and society, glocally

– based in critical thinking

– being a voice (voices!), making statements, taking debates

– a safe space for experimantation, conflicts, hard thinking, slow processes, quick responses, collaborations

– being braver and better than “the industri” / “market”

– taking part in movements of resistence and change

– a disobident collective?

– intersectional, feminist, queer, anti-racist, nonheteronormative and more…



Vi skal nedbryde skellene imellem kunstarterne og lade dem flyde frit. Vi skal forholde os aktivit til læring og det vi lærer. Hvordan vil vi forme lærer elevforholdet? Alt er politisk. Vi er alle venner – del hvad du har! En kunstskole skal skal være konstant forandrende, inspirerende, reflekterende, diskuterende og forundrende organisme!

It is and it is not

Education is no Product, is no Ware, there is no Optimum, just challenge and space to expand into, to step into, space to make, to feel, to sense, to love, to hate.

Education is experience and a honest room for personal, cultural, political, etc. development of a critical individum linked with society.

fokus på det individuelle

Der skal være plads til at den studerende kan forme sig selv som kunstner. Underviseren skal ikke tvinge den studerende ned i en boks.

Der skal være mulighed for en ligeværdig og værdsættende dialog mellem den studerende og underviseren, hvor intet er rigtigt eller forkert.

– Art, – education

In art education we should consentrate in art itself. We should share different and all sides and forms of art in well working institutions, using good approaches and finding new ways of educating. We should help each other to find new ways to use art in society. We should develop our thinking of working together as companies, not as enemies.

Indepentant in a community

An art school should not give you the answer but provide tools for independancy! But also a place to learn the strengths of a community. You need other people!!! And you should never be afraid to share. Once you start holding on to your own ideas and think that other people is a threat to you, you will never develope but stay the same – actually you will narrow your world down. So don’t do that.